DadzIT offers computer and electronics repair services for Ames denizens. A fair price for the service, a fair price for the customer. Take advantage of the 10 minutes or less free IT consultation. many times an issue can be solved in that time free of charge!
Rather than spend an unfair amount on simple services at big name corporate service centers, support your local hometown geek, you save, and the local guy stays in business! It’s a win-win. As a PC specialist, I am not currently offering repair services for Macs. data recovery and backup services will however still be offered for Macs.

DadzIT Specializes in personal service, No outsourced, over the web services from persons who may or may not reside inside th US. No random employees, DadzIT is one man. What you get is personal service from a caring, understanding individual whose main goal is to help people (with their gadgets).

Feel free to browse this sites contents, there has been provided for your convenience various articles concerning computer help and common issues. don’t see what your looking for? Use the contact form or feedback page to make a request!

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